Sugar Bowl 2010

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Happy New Year! ¬†The Brunjes are excited to gear up to watch another exciting bowl game this year! It’s definitely going to be a memorable game as it’s Tim Tebow’s last college football game. Tebow is most definitely the greatest football player the Gators have ever seen, and may have been one of the greatest college football players of all time. His determination and leadership are unparalleled. He spoiled Gator fans, by leaving them feeling extremely disappointed that they “just” made the Sugar Bowl. He brought us 2 national championships within 4 years, when previously we had only won one in the whole century! I realize that he didn’t play these games single handedly, but I definitely don’t think we would’ve had the same outcome without him.

The 2009 football season was a crazy one…Brandon spikes eye gouging, drunk driving arrests, injuries, Charlie Strong accepting the head coaching job at Lousiville, and the craziest of all ..Urban Meyer taking a leave of absence! I’m so thankful that he decided to come back, and not resign completely. After Billy Donovan accepted the job at Orlando after the back to back national championships, it really hurt our recruiting possibilities. I don’t think that will be the case in this situation, since Urban turned over his decision pretty quickly.

I look forward to the 2010 season, and watching Brantley step up to the plate, but it will be sad to not see Tebow step onto the field bringing all of his excitement to the game.


Like a Virgin….

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Check out this article about the Teebster

A Little Gator Video…

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My favorite quote from Barack Obama since he began his presidency….”Give it up for the Gators!” ūüôā


Facebook is Funny.

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I got this bumper sticker today from one of my friends. In case you don’t know what they’re talking about…Tebow went on a missions trip last summer to the¬†Philippines, where he gave infants circumcisions. ¬†It’s kind of funny.


The pictures say it all…

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Intensity and passion.

Florida Florida St Football







The Road to the BCS…

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Today is a scary day indeed. The Gators have a huge rivalry game today…away, in Tallahassee of all places. There’s nothing that FSU ¬†would like to do more, then to ruin the Gator’s winning streak, and inevitably keep them out of the BCS National Championship talk. FSU is probably one of the most annoying teams in all of college football. This is because they have the most annoying football coaches in all of the world. Have you ever watched Bobby Bowden in a press conference? He never knows any of the names of the guys on his offensive line, or anyone else for that matter. He has been single-handedly killing the Noles for the last five years, by not retiring. He’s out of touch, and only stays at FSU as a public figure. The Noles will not be good again until Bobby leaves.¬†

Anyways, hopefully the Gators will pull out a big W again today, and make the Gator Nation proud!


Gators vs. Citadel

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I didn’t get to watch the game today, because I had to work, but I heard they put a beating on the Citadel, with a score of 70-19. The scores keep getting more and more ridiculous each week. I don’t mind though…keep it up Gators!


The Winning Streak Continues

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It’s great to be a Florida Gator! The Gators beat the Ole’ ball coach saturday afternoon, 56-6. I still can’t believe how well the football team is playing. It’s no longer an offensive game anymore, everyone from defense to special teams is on fire lately! The best part is, is that most of our team is still very young!¬†That means we can keep these guys for another 1 or 2 years.


The Gator basketball team played well also this weekend, with an 81-58 win over Bradley. They look good, but I am still uneasy, after last year…when they played well in their mid-major games, but had a lack-luster season during conference play.¬† I’m hoping that they have grown closer together as a team, and that we can fully utilize our recruits. Can’t wait for Kenny Boynton next year to come on board from Georgetown..that should help out tremendously.



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Does this look like a face that is playing around? Urban is using every ounce of motivational ammo to get the Gators rowled up for the Georgia game. The biggest reason why the Gators have played so well in the last couple of weeks, is because they’re playing with intensity. Tebow was interviewed and asked about the Gators’¬†recent success. When asked, he said they’ve been playing with almost a sense of anger since the Ole Miss game. I hope the intensity can last through this Saturday. One of Mike and I’s friends is one of the assistant coaches, and has said that the Gators are fired up for a rematch. I’m hoping to see Gator greatness this weekend! Go Gators!


Why I Love the Florida/Georgia Rivalry..

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For the last twenty something years, Georgia has only beaten Florida about 3 times. For some reason, the two years Mike and I have gone to the game, Florida has lost. The Florida/Georgia game is always around my birthday, and has the potential to either make my birthday great or really terrible like it was last year.I’m hoping that this year, Mike and I can break the curse.¬†There are many reasons why I love the Florida/Georgia game, but here’s a top ten list to put it in perspective.

10) The game is Jacksonville. Most of Mike and I’s friends from college live in Jacksonville, and happen to be either Florida or Georgia fans. It’s a great meeting point for us to have a great time.

9) People get ridiculously dressed up…and by ridiculous, I mean Georgia girls. We’re talking about prom dresses people..

8) The Florida/Georgia rivalry is a rivalry that has gone on longer even than the rivalry between Florida/FSU. It gives the game a little more character.

7) Neutral playing site…this happens very rarely in college football games, except for bowl season. It’s a totally different feeling to watch a game where the fans are truly divided half in half.

6) Tailgating is at its peak in this game. The Florida/Georgia game is known as the “World’s largest cocktail party”. The title says it all.

5) Jacksonville is a really fun city to explore.

4) Urban has said outright that he doesn’t like Mark Richt, based on the fact that he deliberately told his whole team run out onto the field after their first touch down. I look forward to seeing Urban’s response this year, to Richt’s disrespectfulness.

3) My best friend is a Georgia fan, and we get to have some fun smack talk exchanges.

2) Percy Harvin- I get to see him do his thing right before my very eyes.

1) Teebs- The number one reason to love anything about Florida Football in the first place.

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