Sugar Bowl 2010

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Happy New Year!  The Brunjes are excited to gear up to watch another exciting bowl game this year! It’s definitely going to be a memorable game as it’s Tim Tebow’s last college football game. Tebow is most definitely the greatest football player the Gators have ever seen, and may have been one of the greatest college football players of all time. His determination and leadership are unparalleled. He spoiled Gator fans, by leaving them feeling extremely disappointed that they “just” made the Sugar Bowl. He brought us 2 national championships within 4 years, when previously we had only won one in the whole century! I realize that he didn’t play these games single handedly, but I definitely don’t think we would’ve had the same outcome without him.

The 2009 football season was a crazy one…Brandon spikes eye gouging, drunk driving arrests, injuries, Charlie Strong accepting the head coaching job at Lousiville, and the craziest of all ..Urban Meyer taking a leave of absence! I’m so thankful that he decided to come back, and not resign completely. After Billy Donovan accepted the job at Orlando after the back to back national championships, it really hurt our recruiting possibilities. I don’t think that will be the case in this situation, since Urban turned over his decision pretty quickly.

I look forward to the 2010 season, and watching Brantley step up to the plate, but it will be sad to not see Tebow step onto the field bringing all of his excitement to the game.


Like a Virgin….

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Check out this article about the Teebster

A Little Gator Video…

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My favorite quote from Barack Obama since he began his presidency….”Give it up for the Gators!” 🙂


Awesome Article on the UF/UK Matchup

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I found this on…..


By Kevin Brockway
Staff writer

Published: Monday, February 9, 2009 at 11:51 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, February 9, 2009 at 11:51 p.m.

Florida and Kentucky come into their nationally televised game at Rupp Arena tonight both unranked, with neither team expected to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.


Where have you gone, Rajon Rando, Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Tayshaun Prince? Has the rivalry that once determined Southeastern Conference supremacy and high NCAA Tournament seeds lost some of its sizzle?

“I don’t think the rivalry has lost anything,” Florida sophomore forward Chandler Parsons said. “Our fans don’t like them. Their fans don’t like us. It’s going to be a competitive war out there. To be able to watch it all growing up and now to be a part of it is really special, just to think that we can go into Rupp Arena to get a win and make history, you just have to stay focused.”

Florida suffered a 75-70 loss at Rupp Arena a season ago, ending Florida’s seven-game winning streak in the series. Before that, Kentucky had won eight in a row against the Gators.

“They got us last year up there,” Florida sophomore point guard Nick Calathes said. “I think it’s huge. It will put us on top of the SEC East. And I think it would just be a huge win. We’ve got to be prepared.”

Both Florida and Kentucky are coming off a bye over the weekend. Both remain in contention in a four-team logjam atop the SEC East. Florida (19-4, 6-2 SEC) is a game ahead of Kentucky (16-7, 5-3 SEC). South Carolina (6-3) and Tennessee (5-3) remain in the running.

Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie called Florida “the most under-appreciated team in the country.”

“They’ve got one of the best point guards in the country, by far,” Gillispie said, referring to Calathes. “It’s amazing to me, a team that just came off back-to-back national championships with a coach destined for the Hall of Fame, just totally under-appreciated.

“They play great defense. They don’t give up a whole lot of points in conference. They’re really good in transition. You have to guard all five spots on the floor, which we’ve definitely had a hard time doing. They can shoot or beat you off the dribble, so they’re a very, very, very difficult matchup for everyone.”

Behind SEC scoring leader Jodie Meeks, Kentucky appeared ready to run away with the SEC early, jumping to a 5-0 start in league play. But the Wildcats come into tonight’s game on a three-game losing streak that’s included back-to-back losses to South Carolina and Mississippi State at Rupp Arena.

Kentucky already has lost four games at home this season.

“When we play well, we have the best homecourt advantage in the world,” Gillispie said. “There’s no question about that. But we have to give them a reason to help us. We haven’t done that nearly enough. The times they get most excited is the time we make plays in transition, making 3s, dunks, usually hustle plays and making defensive stops. We haven’t done that nearly enough lately.”

The game will serve as another test for Florida, which didn’t respond well to facing a desperate team at home less than two weeks ago. Before its Jan. 31 game at Tennessee, UT coach Bruce Pearl declared the game against the Gators as a “must win,” after the Vols lost back-to-back home games to Memphis and LSU. With Calathes in early foul trouble, Florida unraveled, losing 79-63 before more than 20,000 fans.

“Hopefully our guys feel the same exact way their guys feel,” Florida coach Billy Donovan said. “We have to understand that we are going to get Kentucky’s best effort (tonight) and going into the game that they are going to play their best game of the year. That is the way you try to approach it.”

Donovan, a former Kentucky assistant, was considered the leading candidate for the UK coaching job when Tubby Smith left for Minnesota, but chose to stay at Florida. That adds another subplot to the meeting between the two programs that have combined for the SEC’s last five men’s basketball national titles.

“I think it will be a big game for both teams,” Donovan said. “Is it bigger than another game? I don’t want to say that right now but there is no question, with the league standings and where both teams are now, it is a big game.”

National Champions

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If this doesn’t get you fired up…I don’t know what will. Watch and see

I wanna see a good fight…

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Nick Saban, is one of the most greedy coaches in all of football. He left his National Championship Tigers, right at their peak to coach the Miami Dolphins. He did a terrible job coaching the Dolphins, and went back and forth, about whether or not he was going to stay. He decided to stay with my beloved Dolphins, and then very sneakily took an offer to coach Alabama. This is a guy that really doesn’t care about his teams, but only about the size of his paycheck. I hope Urban can show him a thing or two about what it means to be a great coach.


The pictures say it all…

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Intensity and passion.

Florida Florida St Football








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Does this look like a face that is playing around? Urban is using every ounce of motivational ammo to get the Gators rowled up for the Georgia game. The biggest reason why the Gators have played so well in the last couple of weeks, is because they’re playing with intensity. Tebow was interviewed and asked about the Gators’ recent success. When asked, he said they’ve been playing with almost a sense of anger since the Ole Miss game. I hope the intensity can last through this Saturday. One of Mike and I’s friends is one of the assistant coaches, and has said that the Gators are fired up for a rematch. I’m hoping to see Gator greatness this weekend! Go Gators!


I still Love You Teebs…

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After an ugly loss yesterday, Tebow had some great words in his press conference after the game. The thing that I love about Tebow, is that he defers credit in wins, and accepts all responsibility after a loss. During the press conference, Tebow apologized to the Gator fans…telling them that he was hoping for an undefeated season. He also said that from here on out, you will not see someone work harder, or push their team harder than he will. Tebow shows excellent leadership and humility, even in loss. Read this article to get more of a perspective…

Gators vs. Ole Miss

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The Gators play Ole Miss today at 12:30 on Fox. Too bad this game was at home for Florida. Urban was probably hoping that they could’ve caught the debates last night in Oxford.

Even though, Ole Miss doesn’t put chills down anyone’s spine in the SEC, this game could be one of those games that creeps up on you when you’re not paying attention. All of our attention was focused on playing a big week against Tennessee last week, and I hope that we are refocused for today’s game as well. Every game is important in college football. Just ask USC…

It’s so much more difficult to win a National Championship in college football than it is in college basketball. All of the stars have to align. The people ranked ahead of you have to lose, and everyone you play has to win until they play you, so that it can look better for you in the rankings. It’s definitely a difficult task.

I think that the Gators have a real chance of making it to the BCS title game this year. Their schedule is not as difficult as recent years in the past. The only two nail-biters we have are Georgia and LSU. I think that if we beat Georgia, it will give us that extra momentum we need to take on LSU.

We have yet to see Tebow be Tebow this year. Because of our awesome defense and special teams, Tebow has not had to do much work yet this season. I’m still waiting to see what our offense is gonna be like in big games. The offense has not really come alive as of yet.  

Anyways, I hope to see a big spread again in the score, Go Gators!

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