Lily Bean!!

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Lily is 6 months old today! She had her 6 month check-up on her half birthday, which wasn’t a pleasant experience since it involved shots. She took it like a champ though, and only cried for about 2 seconds. She’s right on track for growth. She weighs 16.7 pounds now, and she’s 28.5 inches tall! She’s shooting up like a weed.

The 3-6 month age is so much fun. . She’s sitting up now, and is talking a mile a minute.  She just started making consonant sounds today like ba ba baba.. I’ve definitely seen more and more of Lily’s personality coming out in the last month or so. She is very outgoing, and loves to ham it up.

We started solid foods with her in the last month. I made her a broccoli-asparagus puree last night, and she definitely despised it. The look of disgust on her face was priceless. haha. Oh well, she’ll have to get over it and keep eating my gross cooking for the rest of her life. 🙂

The rest of her story is told in pictures…

Lily is a Florida baby, and loves to hang out in the pool with Nana!


Easter 2010!

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Easter was great this year! I think Lily enjoyed her first Easter as well, even though she was in the nursery, and didn’t get any candy or Easter eggs yet. I think we kind of failed as parents though, because we didn’t get very many pictures of her on her first Easter, except with our phones, and she didn’t even look up for those pictures. I can’t wait till Lily is a little older and we can start teaching her about the resurrection, and she can enjoy church with us.

We also went to the Brunjes annual Easter picnic down in Davie. It was a good time had by all. We grilled out, played horseshoes, botchy ball, and frisbee….or at least Mike did. I mainly tried to keep the baby happy the whole time. Plus, Lily is no good at horseshoes…

One last thing..I carved my first watermelon this Easter. I made an Easter bunny. I thought it would be extremely complicated, but it turned out to be pretty easy. I got inspired when my aunt taught me how to carve a baby carriage out of a watermelon, for a baby shower I threw earlier this year. Here’s a couple of pics from the day..


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Last Friday, we had an exhausting day of 3 doctor appointments…two for Lily, one for Phyllis. Guess whose doctor appointment was the most expensive? Phyllis, of course. Phyllis has incurred a torn ACL injury to her left leg. This happened while she was doing her favorite thing: squirrel hunting. Before, I thought that I didn’t care at all about Phyllis, but when the vet told us that, I actually kind of felt bad for poor ole’ Phyllis. I certainly did not feel bad enough to pay for the surgery to fix it, which is a few thousand dollars. We opted for the pain killers and the joint medicine instead.

The up-side was that Lily’s appointments went well. She’s already four months old, and growing and changing everyday. She’s 26 inches long now and 13 pounds! The pediatrician said she is way off the charts for height. I don’t know where she gets it from, I’m only 5’6 and so is Mike. haha. I’m hoping that Lyndsey can teach her how to be a basketball pro, and Lily can take care of us in our old age, with her big WNBA pay checks.

We also saw the respiratory doctor, and it looks like things are improving with her breathing. It is much less severe then last time, so we’re hoping that her larynx continues to develop the way it should, so she doesn’t have problems with breathing in the future. I hate going to the respiratory doctor, because they make us wait about 3 hours every time we go there, but at least this time..they gave us a bunch of free formula. It definitely made waiting a lot more bearable.

So, that’s pretty much the latest on both of our children..

First Cold

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Lily cried all day yesterday, and only slept for about 20 minutes the whole day. It was totally out of character for her, since she usually sleeps for what seems like a million hours a day. We took her to the pediatrician this morning, and they said that she just had a minor cold. That was a huge relief for me, since I pretty much thought she was dieing. haha. The good thing about her being up all day yesterday, meant that when she finally did fall sleep at 10pm, she didn’t wake up until 6:30 a.m. I was so thankful too, because I was pretty worn out, and wasn’t looking forward to an all-nighter.

We took her to Pediatric associates this morning, and he gave us a bunch of suggestions to make her more comfortable, while she has a cold. I love Pediatric associates by the way. They have late hours for working parents, and they’re open all day on the weekends too, in case your kid is sick and needs to be seen immediately. They also have a separate room to take newborns, so they’re not exposed to other sick kids in the lobby. I highly recommend it. 🙂

Hopefully, Lily gets better so she can be alert for the Gator/Kentucky game. We’re hoping for an upset! It would be nice to end the Kentucky winning streak.

2009 Reflections

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I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time, but haven’t had the courage or the patience to sit down and write down my thoughts. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year that’s for sure. The  beginning of 2009 started with excitement and joy. In the end of February or the beginning of March (can’t remember exactly when) Mike and I found out that we were pregnant. We had decided to start trying for a baby in January, and within one month’s time, God decided to bless us with our little Lily bean. It was a wonderful first couple of months, as we had the joy of telling all of our family and friends that we were pregnant. My dad was especially excited, and was practically screaming in the phone when we told him. He let out a couple of wahoos! If you know my dad, that kind of reaction isn’t a surprise, seeing as he was one of the goofiest guys on the planet.

In the midst of our excitement, my dad had started intense radiation therapy in the Spring for reoccurring brain tumors that became evident in the beginning of April. This treatment was tough, but I always thought that he would push through it, like he did everything else. My dad struggled with cancer for 7 years, surviving a surgery that took out his kidney, a gallbladder surgery, a hernia surgery, and the removal of a brain tumor in 2005. I guess kids always think that their dads are immortal, but with the amount of stuff my dad lived through, I was beginning to think that he really was!

However, at the end of May, and towards the beginning of June, things started to go downhill. My dad lost all mobility in his left side, and had to be permanently hospitalized at the VA Medical center, since my mom and I were unable to care for him on our own. The rest of the summer of 09’ was bittersweet, as we cherished every second of time that we got to spend with my dad, but also watched him deteriorate before our eyes.  During that time, the evidence of my dad’s influence on people was incredible to see, as he had visitors come to his bedside everyday. Some of the people that had come to visit him, I had never even seen before in my life. Even my parent’s exterminator came to visit him in the hospital! Even though, we knew he was nearing the end, it was a precious time, as we got to pray together, and sing hymns together with his church family, and also read Scripture together.

The end finally came for him on August 12th, but only for his flesh. He still is experiencing immortality and eternal life in heaven with Jesus face to face, and also through his testimony and influence. My dad had the incredible blessing of looking death in the face, and living in the reality of his own mortality. Every day is precious and meaningful.

It all started 7 years ago for him, when he first found out that he had cancer that the gospel became more beautiful and precious than it had ever been before.  He began to evangelize and share the gospel fervently, with the philosophy that he had nothing to lose. My dad was certainly not embarrassed or ashamed of the gospel, and made it known repeatedly to everyone he encountered. It was awesome to watch my dad share the gospel, because no one could deny such a radical conversion. My dad was the definition of a “baby boomer.” He was a Vietnam vet, that had abused drugs and alcohol. He had been married before he met my mom for three years, and had a child, but because of his alcohol abuse, the marriage did not work out. Through the influence of Alcoholics Anonymous, my dad met the Lord, and was never the same again. My dad also struggled with post war traumas of PTSD, from being wounded in combat. He dealt with schizophrenia for his entire adult life. Despite all of his wrong choices, and unfortunate circumstances, Jesus saved him and delivered him from a life wrought in pain and destruction. My dad was keenly aware of his need for a Savior, and knew that it was only because of the Lord, that his life had any sense of normalcy, joy, and satisfaction.

Dealing with the loss of my dad was tough, but with the coming of the Fall came comfort in knowing that he was with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His struggle was over, and now he was able to experience eternal life in a glorified body.

And Finally…

November came, and our long expected baby Lily Grace, came into the world on November 19th. She came 6 days late, and was born at 3:15 in the afternoon after only about a half hour of pushing, and 12 hours of labor. God bestowed such grace on me, by allowing me to have such an easy pregnancy and easy delivery. I was afraid with the stress of everything going on with my dad, that I was putting the baby’s health in jeopardy. God was merciful though, and brought both of us through it healthy and happy.

This year was definitely memorable and had it’s share of highlights and hard times, but this verse continued to stick with me through it all..

Psalm 73:26 “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

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