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Last Friday, we had an exhausting day of 3 doctor appointments…two for Lily, one for Phyllis. Guess whose doctor appointment was the most expensive? Phyllis, of course. Phyllis has incurred a torn ACL injury to her left leg. This happened while she was doing her favorite thing: squirrel hunting. Before, I thought that I didn’t care at all about Phyllis, but when the vet told us that, I actually kind of felt bad for poor ole’ Phyllis. I certainly did not feel bad enough to pay for the surgery to fix it, which is a few thousand dollars. We opted for the pain killers and the joint medicine instead.

The up-side was that Lily’s appointments went well. She’s already four months old, and growing and changing everyday. She’s 26 inches long now and 13 pounds! The pediatrician said she is way off the charts for height. I don’t know where she gets it from, I’m only 5’6 and so is Mike. haha. I’m hoping that Lyndsey can teach her how to be a basketball pro, and Lily can take care of us in our old age, with her big WNBA pay checks.

We also saw the respiratory doctor, and it looks like things are improving with her breathing. It is much less severe then last time, so we’re hoping that her larynx continues to develop the way it should, so she doesn’t have problems with breathing in the future. I hate going to the respiratory doctor, because they make us wait about 3 hours every time we go there, but at least this time..they gave us a bunch of free formula. It definitely made waiting a lot more bearable.

So, that’s pretty much the latest on both of our children..


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