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Check out this article about the Teebster



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  1. Oh man, thank you for showing us another article about Tebow. I almost completely forgot about the poor guy. Had you not brought him to my attention, I might not have heard about Tebow today.

    In all seriousness, there’s not much to dislike about the guy (except for the uniform he wears). If he were a Wildcat, he would probably be my favorite person ever. That was a good article and brought a proper perspective to the whole situation. He’s a good guy, and I hope he continues to do well, except for when he plays the Cats and Noles.

  2. I never forget about Tim.. I told my wife for years, “Honey, there will
    only be one Danny.. and so you’re just going to have to get over it”
    and you know what.. I was right !
    But we got one that is better, in my opinion..

    I bumped into your blog searching cool stuff on Tim, for some video’s I had put together..Anyway, congrats on the new baby, I am celebrating a grand-daughter..


  3. The question is out of bounds; I don’t care what religion you are. Why not turn it around? Hey, Dennis Rodman, tell us (you fill in the blank)
    The bar Tebow has set for himself is extremely high. I hope he doesn’t suffer from a fall from grace. But if he did, I would still like him – except for the uniform.

  4. Mr. West-

    That was my only concern as well. It’s hard to live up to such high expectations for a lifetime, but nonetheless God is still faithful, even though people mess up. Even if Tebow wasn’t a Christian, he’s still awesome, because of what he has accomplished for Gator football. He’s the toughest, most determined player the Gators have ever seen.

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