16 weeks and counting..

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I’m officially four months pregnant now. Mike and I got a new ultrasound pic, and were shocked at how different the baby looked within weeks of the last ultrasound. It went from blob to baby! My dad says the baby already looks like Mike…haha. Here’s the most recent pic…


It got flipped around, and I don’t know how to fix it on the blog…

In other news, my best friends from college came down and surprised me. They had been planning it with Mike for over a month, and I had no idea. I’ve never been surprised before, so I almost went into cardiac arrest when it happened. It was Friday night, and I fell asleep on the couch at 9pm watching Golden girls, as every young 24 year old girl does on Friday night, when all of the sudden I heard banging on the door. The next thing I saw was all of my favorite people rushing through the door with “Team Baby Brunjes” t-shirts on. It was a great weekend, in spite of the rain. 

The best part was Mike’s thoughtfulness in planning the whole thing. He cleaned the house in preparation for the girls, and never let on at all that they were coming. Plus, he was a great sport with a house full of 4 women for 3 days straight. My friends got me this really cool glorified play pen. It’s called a play n pack and I’m not sure even what it is, but I know it’s great! haha. It has two levels, a changing table, and a bassinet all in one… 

I’m getting excited to try out all this new baby stuff I’m getting! Now, Mike and I are just looking forward to finding out what the sex is…we find out June 10th, so we’re counting down the days!



Obama and the CNN Correspondents Dinner

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President Obama gave a speech at the CNN Corrspondents dinner, which was a mixture of press, politicians, and celebrities…a.k.a. heathens. 🙂

Although I don’t agree with 85% of what President Obama stands for or his policies, he remains an engaging speaker, and is actually incredibly witty and enjoyable to listen to.

Here’s the video in case you missed it…

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