Teeby Weeby…

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Here’s some post-game thoughts from Tebow. My favorite part was when he talked about Percy’s injury. Apparently, the seminoles were cheering, when Percy got hurt. Listen to what Teebs had to say about that.


The pictures say it all…

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Intensity and passion.

Florida Florida St Football







The Road to the BCS…

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Today is a scary day indeed. The Gators have a huge rivalry game today…away, in Tallahassee of all places. There’s nothing that FSU  would like to do more, then to ruin the Gator’s winning streak, and inevitably keep them out of the BCS National Championship talk. FSU is probably one of the most annoying teams in all of college football. This is because they have the most annoying football coaches in all of the world. Have you ever watched Bobby Bowden in a press conference? He never knows any of the names of the guys on his offensive line, or anyone else for that matter. He has been single-handedly killing the Noles for the last five years, by not retiring. He’s out of touch, and only stays at FSU as a public figure. The Noles will not be good again until Bobby leaves. 

Anyways, hopefully the Gators will pull out a big W again today, and make the Gator Nation proud!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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My mom and I are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year! We usually go over to my aunt’s house, but she’s having her husband’s side of the family over this year, so we’re attempting our own dinner. Pray for me please. I already made two pumpkin pies and one apple pie. I’ve got green bean casserole in the oven, and then I’m on to the mashed potatoes. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving! 

Praise God for His tremendous love and blessings!ofbb-948e4f96307760e5d7f2a0d5f70c857e492ed672

My Facebook Insults Me..

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Check out this notification I just received from facebook, 

In the past day you were compared 2 times. Your friends didn’t think that you are a winner comparing to their other friends.

First of all, I wanna know what gibroni is comparing me, and why they don’t think I’m a winner. Then, I would like to beat that person up.

Gators vs. Citadel

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I didn’t get to watch the game today, because I had to work, but I heard they put a beating on the Citadel, with a score of 70-19. The scores keep getting more and more ridiculous each week. I don’t mind though…keep it up Gators!


Top 185 Healthiest Cities

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I found this article today. West Palm Beach was ranked #11 in the country for the healthiest cities. There were about 16 other cities as well in Florida, that were considered overall to be a healthy place to live. I think it’s all that sunshine and oranges. 🙂

The Winning Streak Continues

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It’s great to be a Florida Gator! The Gators beat the Ole’ ball coach saturday afternoon, 56-6. I still can’t believe how well the football team is playing. It’s no longer an offensive game anymore, everyone from defense to special teams is on fire lately! The best part is, is that most of our team is still very young! That means we can keep these guys for another 1 or 2 years.


The Gator basketball team played well also this weekend, with an 81-58 win over Bradley. They look good, but I am still uneasy, after last year…when they played well in their mid-major games, but had a lack-luster season during conference play.  I’m hoping that they have grown closer together as a team, and that we can fully utilize our recruits. Can’t wait for Kenny Boynton next year to come on board from Georgetown..that should help out tremendously.


Gator Basketball

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The Gators won last night against Toledo 80-58. The game wasn’t televised, but here’s what Billy D had to say about it. I still don’t know how good this team is going to be. I guess time will tell.


Please Pray

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My dad got some more bad news on Veterans Day after his MRI. He has a growth on his kidney that has recently grown since his last MRI. I covet your prayers for him. He doesn’t have any symptoms from this recent growth, so that’s good news. I don’t know if it’s a dad thing, but I can never tell when my dad is ever upset or bummed out. Nothing seems to phase him.

Maybe cancer doesn’t seem so scary, when you’ve survived Vietnam, after being shot twice in an ambush. My dad is still the most faithful, Godly, man I have ever known. He has a fervency for the gospel, and a sense of urgency for people to understand the gospel, that only someone who has been close to death can truly know and appreciate. 

I appreciate his service to our country, and more importantly I appreciate his service to Jesus, and to kingdom building.


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