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Does this look like a face that is playing around? Urban is using every ounce of motivational ammo to get the Gators rowled up for the Georgia game. The biggest reason why the Gators have played so well in the last couple of weeks, is because they’re playing with intensity. Tebow was interviewed and asked about the Gators’ recent success. When asked, he said they’ve been playing with almost a sense of anger since the Ole Miss game. I hope the intensity can last through this Saturday. One of Mike and I’s friends is one of the assistant coaches, and has said that the Gators are fired up for a rematch. I’m hoping to see Gator greatness this weekend! Go Gators!



Why I Love the Florida/Georgia Rivalry..

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For the last twenty something years, Georgia has only beaten Florida about 3 times. For some reason, the two years Mike and I have gone to the game, Florida has lost. The Florida/Georgia game is always around my birthday, and has the potential to either make my birthday great or really terrible like it was last year.I’m hoping that this year, Mike and I can break the curse. There are many reasons why I love the Florida/Georgia game, but here’s a top ten list to put it in perspective.

10) The game is Jacksonville. Most of Mike and I’s friends from college live in Jacksonville, and happen to be either Florida or Georgia fans. It’s a great meeting point for us to have a great time.

9) People get ridiculously dressed up…and by ridiculous, I mean Georgia girls. We’re talking about prom dresses people..

8) The Florida/Georgia rivalry is a rivalry that has gone on longer even than the rivalry between Florida/FSU. It gives the game a little more character.

7) Neutral playing site…this happens very rarely in college football games, except for bowl season. It’s a totally different feeling to watch a game where the fans are truly divided half in half.

6) Tailgating is at its peak in this game. The Florida/Georgia game is known as the “World’s largest cocktail party”. The title says it all.

5) Jacksonville is a really fun city to explore.

4) Urban has said outright that he doesn’t like Mark Richt, based on the fact that he deliberately told his whole team run out onto the field after their first touch down. I look forward to seeing Urban’s response this year, to Richt’s disrespectfulness.

3) My best friend is a Georgia fan, and we get to have some fun smack talk exchanges.

2) Percy Harvin- I get to see him do his thing right before my very eyes.

1) Teebs- The number one reason to love anything about Florida Football in the first place.

Coach Hines

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This video is hilarious! It is slightly inappropriate though…just fair warning. 


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I never thought in a million years, that the Gators would win 51-21 last night. It was an amazing game! The offense really clicked, for the first time in the season. They moved the ball down the field with ease, and confused the LSU defense. Our defense played with excellence too! Urban in an article, in Gatorsports, talked about how they played last year’s game on all of the monitors and t.v.’s in the weight room this week to remind the defense of the five fourth down conversions LSU was able to get last year. I think it was a sobering reminder, of what they needed to accomplish last night.

This win definitely reenergizes the Gators, and their hopes towards a National Championship. We’re hoping to move up in the rankings significantly, since LSU was ranked number three, and we were also able to run up the score on them as well. Next big games to watch out for is Georgia and Vandy…still a long season ahead of us.


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During my tenure at the Baptist College of Florida, I have learned many valuable lessons, but the most important lesson would have to be how God revealed Himself throughout history in the Holy Scripture. In the Old Testament I saw God reveal Himself to Adam by showing him his need for a holy God in light of his sin that he couldn’t save himself from. Through Eve, I saw the creation of a servant. Through Moses, I saw God’s love for His chosen. Through Elijah, I saw God’s authority and sovereignty at Mt. Horeb. Through Solomon I saw God’s wisdom. In David, I saw God’s passion and His desire to be glorified. In Jonah’s life, I learned the importance of obedience, and so on and so forth…

But the most amazing part of God’s revelation was when He sent Jesus, the sum and totality of all Godly attributes manifested into one Divine Being, who was yet human. In the Old Testament, I saw God relate Himself to different people one by one, piecing His image together person by person, attribute by attribute. In the New Testament, I saw that Jesus encompassed every good and perfect thing that God was and is, and communicated that with all people through his life, during his time on earth. If those two things weren’t enough he gave us the ultimate finisher of our faith; the reassurance, the affirmation, and the illumination of the Holy Spirit. Though the Holy Spirit was somewhat of a conclusion of God’s revelation, it is still a continuim that leaves us more blessed than Abraham when God told him that his descendants would outnumber the stars in the skies. Abraham’s disadvantage was the lack of constant fellowship with the Father, that we are able to partake in everyday through the power of the Holy Spirit. What a blessing we have in not only reading about God’s revelation to former participants in the covenant, but to experience God’s revelation and illumination in our own daily lives everytime the Holy Spirit provides discernment or causes our hearts to yearn and crave after the Father of Lights. What a sovereign, loving, and relatable Father.

Blah Blah Blah…

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I’m so glad America has celebrities that can tell us what to do…



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I give it a thumbs up. Mike and I saw it last Sunday night, and thought it was great. I practically had to drag Mike to see it though, ever since the super cheesy Left Behind movies, Mike has had a Kirk Cameron aversion. I think most people probably feel the same way. 

Fireproof definitely had it’s moments of hokieness and cheesy acting, but I thought it was very real in its portrayal of marriage. Men always feel like that they’re being disrespected, and women feel like they aren’t being valued. 

I also liked all of the evangelical references in the movie. My favorite part was when his dad helped him to realize why he should love unconditionally, and pointed that back to Christ, and His unconditional love for us. 

38-7 Gators..

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It wasn’t the prettiest game I’ve ever seen, but we won. That’s all that matters… Up next, LSU. This game is a nailbiter. Thank God it’s in the Swamp. I hope Gators fans will be louder than ever for this game. If we beat LSU, we could possibly be back in the top five. Here’s hoping…

Bad Week

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1. The Gators lose. I had to watch this game by myself, and I was jumping around my apartment, screaming at the t.v. the whole time. I’m surprised that no one called in a domestic dispute.

2. Monday-Harassment about Gator loss. Inevitable.

3. Tuesday- Good day

4. Wednesday- Have to write up two staff for being late all the time, and consider firing another one for attitude/lateness problems. Get flat tire. In four hour long meeting..

5. Thursday- Had to get up at five. Never a good day when you wake before the sun.

6. Friday-Fire employee.

I’m glad the week is over. I’m thankful though, because I have great family and friends to get through challenging weeks. Thank God for Phyllis and Mikey.

Top 10 Whiniest College Football Coaches..

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Fox Sports did a list of the top 10 whiniest coaches in college football. Apparently, Fox Sports does not like the SEC…

Some coaches included on the list are Rich Brooks, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Tommy Tuberville, and Steve Spurrier…

Check it out for yourself…

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