Bob-O Look Alike

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What do you think? Does Russell Crowe look like Bob Brunjes in this movie? I think so…


Tebow Press Conference Video

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Notice the credit given to Ole Miss

Failure to Bail..

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To be quite honest with you, I have no idea what to think about the economic bailout plan. I’ve always been true to Republican philosophy, and a free market. However, when I watch MSNBC..I become very nervous. There are talks about a “credit freeze”, where people can no longer be able to  get credit to buy a home, a car, etc. That kind of makes me nervous, as someone who has debt to pay off, and wants to buy a home in the near future.  

President Bush seems to think that it’s necessary. He presents a picture of gloom and doom, since the bill did not get passed. That also makes me nervous. I wonder what his rational is behind this. Should we totally disregard what the leader of our country is urging us to do? Lots of questions…lots of confusion.


I still Love You Teebs…

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After an ugly loss yesterday, Tebow had some great words in his press conference after the game. The thing that I love about Tebow, is that he defers credit in wins, and accepts all responsibility after a loss. During the press conference, Tebow apologized to the Gator fans…telling them that he was hoping for an undefeated season. He also said that from here on out, you will not see someone work harder, or push their team harder than he will. Tebow shows excellent leadership and humility, even in loss. Read this article to get more of a perspective…

Gators vs. Ole Miss

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The Gators play Ole Miss today at 12:30 on Fox. Too bad this game was at home for Florida. Urban was probably hoping that they could’ve caught the debates last night in Oxford.

Even though, Ole Miss doesn’t put chills down anyone’s spine in the SEC, this game could be one of those games that creeps up on you when you’re not paying attention. All of our attention was focused on playing a big week against Tennessee last week, and I hope that we are refocused for today’s game as well. Every game is important in college football. Just ask USC…

It’s so much more difficult to win a National Championship in college football than it is in college basketball. All of the stars have to align. The people ranked ahead of you have to lose, and everyone you play has to win until they play you, so that it can look better for you in the rankings. It’s definitely a difficult task.

I think that the Gators have a real chance of making it to the BCS title game this year. Their schedule is not as difficult as recent years in the past. The only two nail-biters we have are Georgia and LSU. I think that if we beat Georgia, it will give us that extra momentum we need to take on LSU.

We have yet to see Tebow be Tebow this year. Because of our awesome defense and special teams, Tebow has not had to do much work yet this season. I’m still waiting to see what our offense is gonna be like in big games. The offense has not really come alive as of yet.  

Anyways, I hope to see a big spread again in the score, Go Gators!

T.V. Night!

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Thursday nights are getting to be quite difficult for my tivo to keep up with.  Since all of the major cable networks are in competition, they have decided to put all of their best shows on the same night. On Thursdays, I like to watch The Office, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy…and now another show I’m adding to the repertoire, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Mike and I just watched the premiere of the new season of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” last week with Danny and his girlfriend. It was hilarious! They had a two-hour premiere. The first episode was not that funny, but then the second episode was really funny. The show is kind of quirky, and has occasional moments of vulgarity, but then so does The Office and Grey’s.

I think everyone should give it a shot tonight. It’s on FX at 10pm. I think you’ll enjoy it, if you’re an Office fan.



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I just finished watching this video on my friend Erica’s blog. It was horrifying to say the least. 

Watch and see…

Elmo Prank Call

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I enjoyed this…

Gators vs. Tennessee

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Go Gators!!!

I’m excited to say that the Gators beat Tennessee today 30-6. Mike and I were both a little bit nervous about this game, since it was the first SEC game, and it was on the road. The Gators took care of business though, as hoped. I’m excited about three things from this Gator game. Brandon James, he ran one kickoff return for 52 yards, and another one for a touchdown. Tebow didn’t even have to hardly go out on the field in the first half. Second of all, Emmanuel Moody. We finally have a runningback, and do not have to use Tebow for all of our running plays. Third of all, we FINALLY have an awesome kicker. Johnathan Phillips has been nothing but consistent in the last three games.

I did feel kind of bad for Tennessee fans watching this game. Their quarterback threw one interception, when they were on our five yard line about to get a touchdown. He also threw another interception, and fumbled the ball close to the goal line. It makes me sad to see any quarterback get booed by 100,000 of their own fans. Phil Fulmer is going to have a lot of explaining to do this week. 

God’s Pottery

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These guys were hilarious on Last Comic Standing.

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