Jacksonville Weekend

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I had an awesome time this weekend visiting my friends from BCF. My first roomate from freshman year lives in Birmingham, Alabama now and is finishing up her last year of Pharmacy school. I always jump on an opportunity to see her when she comes home, since she lives so far away. We had a great time this weekend..and I decided to get my nose pierced. We tried to do it freshman year of college and I chickened out five different times. My friend had serious doubts about this time, but I have grown and have learned to suck it up.

Seeing my roomates, and dorm buddies made me miss the college life. Life without a full-time job, and without bills and responsibilities is so much fun. I treasure every moment that I get to spend with my Graceville girls. Hopefully, I can see them again soon!


So Funny..Yet So Wrong

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This goes to show that craziness and crime happens even in upper middle class, white suburbia. This little kid is off his rocker. He had the potential to hurt lots of people, but thankfully he only took out a couple mailboxes, and some parked cars in the Costco parking lot.


Praise God!

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Last week, my dad met with his oncologist about the spot that was found on his brain. The first oncologist recommended that he have whole brain radiation, which is a really grueling and risky procedure. By the grace of God, his home health nurse knew of another oncologist which was using this brand new procedure called Cyber Knife Therapy. 

Basically, it’s gamma knife radiation which pin points out the tumor and zaps it out through radiation. It’s totally non-invasive. It wasn’t painful at all, and my dad went right home after the procedure was awesome. What a merciful God we have!!

The Joy of Adulthood

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Mike and I are currently exploring the possibility of buying our first home. We have a real estate agent and everything! I feel like such an adult. Basically, it’s an awesome time to buy a house right now in the state of Florida, because prices have dramatically dropped. 

Right now, we’re looking at a three bedroom townhouse for 159,000 and a single family home for about 189,000. That’s incredible considering that you couldn’t buy anything down here a couple years ago for under 300,000.

So, based on these pictures which one do you think we should get? After all, it’s all about the pretty pictures and not at all about homeowners insurance, interest rates, etc.


Gator Alumni Game!

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Saturday June 28th they’re having a Gator Alumni basketball game that you must go to if you love the Gators! I It’s gonna be a scrimmage game between the 2000-2003 teams against the 2004-2006 teams. I’m so excited!  They’re gonna have an autograph session starting at 12:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to get to see Al, Joakim, Corey, Mike Miller, Matt Walsh, Udonis Haslem, and Jason Williams all play together again for the mighty Orange and Blue!! 

This is better than Christmas. I can’t wait to see these guys again..

Al Horford..Dominating the NCAA and the NBA

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Al Horford has played like a champ in the playoffs! I’m so excited to watch the NBA now! He’s been a key figure in making the mediocre Atlanta Hawks a contender with the mighty Boston Celtics. Mike and I have been watching a little bit of this playoff series. I’m so proud to be a Gator when I watch Al Horford play.  He barely missed out on being rookie of the year . Kevin Durant beat him out, because he averaged 20 points per game. I still think Al Horford is the best thing that’s happened since sliced bread. Here’s a great article on my buddy Al..



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