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I had a great week with my family from Delaware. Who knew that having so much fun could make you so tired? I guess it’s true that people need a vacation from their vacation. We did all sorts of fun things, we ate at Jetty’s, went kayaking, to the Beach, to Dune Dog, Line-dancing, etc. Basically we did everything fun I could think of doing in Palm Beach County.

When I came back to work yesterday, I went to my mailbox and got a million memos about meetings, staff changes, and budget cuts. Painful reality check to my super fun mini-vacation. Right now, at work, the corporation has made drastic budget cuts, because we are not receiving as much funding from the state as we usually do for our facility. Yesterday, I had to sit in on a meeting to lay someone off, and today, I have to do the same.

I came home pretty emotional yesterday. I realize more than ever, how important people’s livelihoods are. It’s not just about paying bills. When you invest your life into an organization for 17 plus years, and then get it ripped away from you, it’s pretty devastating. If you remember me today, I sure would appreciate your prayers.

I just wanna quit my job and go to the beach all day. I’m not a fan of hard, adult decisions…



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Very exciting..We beat San Diego St…73-49 the other night. It was a nail biting matchup, but the Gators were up to the challenge…haha. Next Big  Game: Creighton at the ODome. Pretty nervous about the game against Creighton..they beat Rhode Island the other night..another extremely difficult matchup. I hope we win. ..haha. Wow. I cannot get excited about this.

My Favorite Cousin and Aunt Are Here!!

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I’m so excited! My family is here all the way from the great state of Delaware!! I can’t wait to take them to all the fun places around Florida. Does anyone have any fun suggestions of where to take my family? I’ve got a few ideas like kayaking to Peanut Island, Dune Dog, etc…but I need more creative ideas. What’s your favorite spot to take people when they come to visit?


Billy Donovan: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

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I love what Billy Donovan is doing with this freshman team. He’s turning them from soft, zero intensity players..to something great. It’s a little too late for this season though, but Billy Donovan is not only interested in basketball;  he’s also interested in the long-term results of team sports. Billy Donovan teaches his team about life and about building character, and taking accountability for where you fall short.

This article is a good explanation of how he is doing just that..With the quotes from Jai Lucas, and Nick Calathes, it seems that they have bought in completely to Billy’s leadership. They didn’t seem to shy away from the verbal lashing they were served after the Alabama game. They are quickly learning that UF expects greatness, and complacency and half-hearted efforts will not do.


Kill Me.

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No. 2 seed in the NIT?  This basketball season makes me want to drink scotch and watch hockey for the rest of the year. Poor Billy. Hopefully, Ray Shipman and our other power forward recruits will make for a better year next year. I wish we could scratch this year completely and forget all about it, but I’m afraid that is not the case. Mike thinks I’m a spoiled Gator fan…I guess I have to learn what it means to be a fan even in the ugly times. My heart still says “It’s Great to Be A Florida Gator” though. I love the Gator nation. Some of the best times of my life have been spent in the swamp or in the Odome. I think my favorite Gator memory was when the Gators blocked the field goal to beat South Carolina in the last remaining seconds of the game last year. That was incredible. What was your favorite sports memory..or the best game that you’ve ever been to?


Rod Stewart!

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Last night, on Palm Beach Island, Mike, Danny, and I and a few other friends met Rod Stewart in the flesh. We went to Cucinas to hang out and there he was…in the flesh. Very exciting. Our friend Scott talked to him about Jesus, and what Rod thought would leave the most lasting impact on the world. He said to find inspiration in places of oppression. Rod was definitely not a fan of Jesus though. He said that Jesus has no explanation for creation, dinasours, etc.

It was an interesting night for sure..as we watched our buddy Rod, drive away in his Bentley.  It’s so funny to me, the economical divide that happens between the Island and West Palm Beach. Mike and I live in the ghetto, and we drive five minutes east and we’re surrounded by Bentleys and people in Lily Pullitzer. I love fun, random nights where something totally unexpected happens!


I Want One of These Guys..

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Please Pray for My Dad

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He’s not feeling too well. He’s currently on chemotherapy, and it leaves him feeling tired and worn out. Please pray for his endurance, healing, peace, and strength. Thanks guys!! 

What Al Horford Has to Say to Gator Haters…

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Gators Vs. Kentucky

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In lieu of the upcoming game this Sunday, Lyndsey and I thought it would be appropriate to take some rivalry pictures.It got ugly…  photo-2.jpgI’m feeling a little nervous.  photo-3.jpgA brief moment of happiness and friendship..  mail1.jpeg Back to punching each other.. photo.jpg

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