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I have never been so aggravated as a Gator fan as I was yesterday. To fight tooth and nail with Vandy away, and have a one point lead, and then to make a stupid mistake to lose it all is incredibly frustrating.

These are the days when I miss Horford, Green, and Noah. Our freshmen players play like freshmen players. They get over-emotional and push people. They mess up and get an over and back call in the last possession of the game. They take stupid shots when they have plenty of time to make an easy one. These are all things that are learned through experience I suppose.

I’m looking forward to our new recruits. We supposedly have a guy coming from American Heritage that is somewhat of a Godzilla beast. We need our strong forwards back. We have about six shooters on the floor right now, and only about one person that can drive inside.

I’m sorry if I sound like a negative fan, but I was incredibly frustrated with our performance yesterday. We could’ve easily won that game if we didn’t make thoughtless mistakes. Boo for yesterday..big boo.


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  1. This post is incredibly insightful. I am proud of you and your vast amount of scary good gator b-ball knowledge.

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