Top Ten Best Moments of My Life

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Tonight, I was kind of feeling blue…I don’t know why really, but sometimes I just get bummed. When I start feeling like that, I try to reflect on good things. Sometimes, when you really stop and think, and you are relieved of your annoying self-pity and self-consumption, you realize that God has been gracious enough to give you a few moments of perfect joy. Here are a few that I’ve experienced…

10.  4th of July in Ocean City, Maryland. I was about ten years old and I was with my cousins, who are pretty much my siblings, since I’m an only child, and we were watching fireworks on the beach. To top off the perfection of the moment, the Beach Boys played a concert before the fireworks..and we got to stay out really late and ride the boardwalk amusement park rides. I can’t remember having so much fun..

9. Uproar-The Music Festival. This was during high school, and my mom somehow let me go to Orlando for a whole weekend with Lee Pennell, her brother, Josh Rager,  and a few other random people. I pretty much lived like a disgusting hippie for the whole weekend, listened to really fun music, and ate a whole lot of Ramen noodles, which I have never been able to eat since..

8. The first time I met Mike. I’m pretty sure it was a Saturday afternoon, and I was hanging out with Danny Brunjes. He just got back from a missions trip from San Francisco, and we got to talking. Instant connection.

7. My first missions trip. I went to New Orleans with my youth group, and that was when I felt the calling and desire to help broken people for the first time.

6. Eric Clapton concert. This one is kind of random, but Eric Clapton is my favorite musician, and it was really exciting for me to be able to see him live.

5. Late night conversations at college. (I’m kind of lumping all of these instances together.) I’ve had some of the most meaningful conversations and also really fun times, just talking with my roomates and just being completely silly with other girls in Brackin Chandler late at night. Good times..(especially freshman year).

4. Mike’s Ordination. This was an incredible experience, because it happened in the first church that we really ever served in together. We had a group of our closest family and friends huddled around us praying over us, commissioning Mike and I for ministry. It was definitely a powerful moment.

3. My dad living past brain surgery. Mike and I had to leave college for a semester to take care of my dad after he had a brain tumor removed. I was pretty sure that when I left Graceville, that I was going to say goodbye to my dad. Instead, the Lord is gracious and my dad is still alive.

2. My Wedding Day. Making the commitment to marry someone is a heavy decision, but marrying Mike seemed so easy. It was definitely one of the most joyous occasions in my life, because all of our friends and family were there to witness it with us and celebrate with us. We had a great time, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, or a more perfect mate for me.

1. The day the light turned on. Definitely, the best moment of my life, was when I really understood the gospel. Growing up in a Christian home, the gospel can kind of lose it’s meaning, but freshman year, God awakened me and gave me the grace and mercy to know him more completely,  and to make Him the Lord of my life.

Wow…I feel so much better. God is a good God. 


Place of Hope

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Just to let everyone know…Downtown in the Gardens is having “Taste Of Downtown” tomorrow and they are submitting a portion of their proceeds to Place of Hope. I believe it’s ten dollars to get in, and I’m sure it’s a good time.

Place of Hope is an amazing idea and place where foster kids are provided with stable, God-focused, residential,  care. It is definitely THE best foster placement for any kid that is currently in the system. Please support Place of Hope tomorrow night if you can. They are providing amazing programs to these kids that foster children would not normally receive anywhere else. They have mentoring programs, they go to church, they have amazing bedrooms, clothes, tutors, you name it…they’ve got it. This is definitely the coolest church ministry I’ve ever seen carried out. I hope that when Mike and I start a church one day, we are able to start the same kind of ministry.Please remember foster children and also remember Place of Hope in your prayers!!


Weight Watchers…(From Flab to Fab)

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 I joined Weight Watchers tonight. Since the beginning of the New Year, I have been saying that I was going to do Weight Watchers, but I never went to the meetings. I don’t do well without accountability. Hopefully, I will be successful in my weight loss endeavor.

I’m hoping that when I lose weight, I will be able to successfully complete a marathon.When I was training  before, I found that my poor eating habits and excess weight were hindering me from pushing through for the last couple of miles in my training regime.So, in the meantime…I will no longer be eating: Park Avenue, Papa Johns or Olive  Garden on Sunday afternoon. Pray for me. I really want to be faithful in this!  

 This is me doing squats. Oh no…


And a little bit of some bicep curls… 


In the end…I hope to look like this!!


 Oh ya..and Mike bought Double Stuff Mint Creme Oreos tonight. Not nice.

Asian Kids are Smart

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HT: Lyndsey Cornell

So I saw Lyndsey’s really cute baby video, and I thought I’d post one that I saw on myspace the other day.

This kid makes me want babies very soon. 


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I have never been so aggravated as a Gator fan as I was yesterday. To fight tooth and nail with Vandy away, and have a one point lead, and then to make a stupid mistake to lose it all is incredibly frustrating.

These are the days when I miss Horford, Green, and Noah. Our freshmen players play like freshmen players. They get over-emotional and push people. They mess up and get an over and back call in the last possession of the game. They take stupid shots when they have plenty of time to make an easy one. These are all things that are learned through experience I suppose.

I’m looking forward to our new recruits. We supposedly have a guy coming from American Heritage that is somewhat of a Godzilla beast. We need our strong forwards back. We have about six shooters on the floor right now, and only about one person that can drive inside.

I’m sorry if I sound like a negative fan, but I was incredibly frustrated with our performance yesterday. We could’ve easily won that game if we didn’t make thoughtless mistakes. Boo for yesterday..big boo.

Valentine’s Day 08′

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Mikey far surpassed all of my wildest hopes and dreams for Valentine’s Day this year. Let me preface this by saying, that this was probably the highest ranking moment of Mike and I’s relationship that we have had thus far. Last night, I had to work from 11-7, and Mike and I were talking about doing a date night on Sunday night instead, since I had to work later.

 So, I thought I would step it up a notch and surprise Mike with his favorite dessert item: double stuffed mint creme oreos and a card. I was pretty impressed with myself, I’m not gonna lie. Usually, Mike always out does me for romantic holidays, but I thought that this year I really had it made.

Little did I know, that I was going to get shown up very soon. I got home around 7:30 and all of the patio lights were on so I knew something was up. I walk in and Mike is cooking lasagna, he has Godiva chocolates on the table that he hand-picked with a gay guy, roses on the table, and a present with a card. Mike wrote me the sweetest card. I have never gotten emotional before reading greeting cards, but for some reason this one got me to start balling uncontrollably. Needless to say, it was very touching. Mike also got me a one-hour massage and a pedicure, along with my two favorite movies: Anchorman and Almost Famous.You’re pretty impressed right now with Mikey, but it gets better…When we go outside for dinner, Mike is playing a Valentine’s mix on the ipod that he spent most of the afternoon working on. Then, he asks me to dance to our wedding song out on the patio. It was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had! Mikey out did himself. I thought I would give Mikey a little shout out of appreciation. I love you Mikey!!


The Gators are Back.

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So after two really tough, and disappointing away games, the Gators are back. They beat Georgia 77-67. Georgia tends to always brighten a Gators day. They usually just lay down and let us beat them in football, except when me and Mike attend the game. I was really excited about winning. Watching us lose twice in a row, was very disheartening. My heart longed for Joakim Noah and Al Horford.

I was really disappointed with the Tennessee game, because we were playing so great in the first half. I don’t know what happened. I guess their inexperience really showed through in that game. Like my other friend says, our freshman football team is much like our freshman basketball team..Sometimes you watch them and they’re incredible and other times you watch them and you wonder how they ever got recruited. I expect great things from both of our football and basketball teams next year. I think the added experience will take them a long way, and hopefully next year we can recruit some SIZE too. I love Speights…but we need more big guys like him. All of the fab five were huge. Anyways, this is a rambling of incoherent thoughts, but I had a lot of Gator happenings to update you haters on. I know you probably don’t care, but this Gator win was super exciting for me since it’s been kind of a mediocre season thus far.


In Case You Didn’t Know…

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Mikey has started blogging again. So check him out. He’s had at least eight posts so far, so I think he is a legitimate blogger again. Mike offers a few treasure nuggets to the blogging world: insights from elementary school kids, Phyllisisms, sports commentating, good books to read, and Plus He’s a Real Cutie Pie. Give him a chance. He wants to redeem himself to the blogging faithful once again. By the way, do you like the new picture Mike and I got together? 



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Tonight’s season premiere was pretty good, but it angers me that I never ever know what’s going on! Who’s left on the island? Why does the island want them? What are the “rescuers” there for? and most importantly…WHO’S IN THE COFFIN?!!?

Sorry by the way if you haven’t watched Lost in awhile or tonight’s premiere. I hope I didn’t ruin anything for you.  Also, I really like how they’re rebuilding the Jack and Kate love interest again. There’s so much of the story that I want to see develop. I can’t wait for next week. I need more Lost!


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