Godly Women.

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I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers write posts about their heroes of the faith, but I noticed that there weren’t many women mentioned. So, I thought I’d talk about some of the women in my life that I admire a great deal. One of the girls that I thought about immediately was my friend Brandi Webb. My friend Brandi dedicates her whole life to being the best mom and wife that a woman can be. She’s a supporter and an encourager. During the first couple years that Mike and I were married in Graceville, she came beside me and really encouraged me with her friendship and with her advice. Some of you might be able to relate to the fact that the first year of marriage is tough, and Mike and I definitely fought our battles. Brandi taught me that battles have to be fought in prayer and humility. She really is an example of how love is truly not self-seeking. Brandi also just brought her third child into the world! She is truly amazing. She is always upbeat…never frazzled, at least when I see her, and always has a smile on her face. She is a strong individual that has taught me so much about what it means to be a Godly wife. I could never thank her enough for what her example has meant to me and to my marriage. . l_7c1c83391dc76129dbee4b0e016b14d7.jpg


The Prosperity Gospel..

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Last night Mike and I were watching TBN and it was absolutely ridiculous. We watched Paula White for a good hour as she was basically giving a motivational speech. There’s really no mention of the gospel, or the name of Jesus, or how to have a relationship with Jesus at all mentioned in her sermon and in most sermons that you may watch on TBN. It’s really sad to see thousands of people buying into a prosperity gospel. So, many people out there are “Claiming the promises of God” for their lives in order to make them rich or in order to heal them of their various physical ailments. Thousands of people are missing out on the greatest joy of all existence..a personal relationship with Christ. Here’s a Piper video…he explains it better than I can.


Has Fan Enthusiasm Gone Too Far?

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Check out this article on Gatorsports.com. It’s really interesting. Apparently, Tim Tebow receieved a bunch of threatening phone calls from LSU fans the week before the game. A lot of the fans were even threatening to hurt him physically. It really made me wonder if College Football enthusiasm has gone too far..

Sometimes, okay…all the time, when the Gators lose..I get really upset. I start cursing at the T.V. and get visibly angry.  I knew it went too far when me and Lyndsey got in a fist fight and I sent her home with a black eye…just kidding.

But in all seriousness, I think that we have to remember that we are Christ followers, before we are Gators, Bulldogs, Seminoles, whatever… That’s easy for me to forget sometimes. With one bad game, you would never even know that I had a relationship with CHrist. Hopefully, my attitude will improve as I try to deal with the harsh reality that even the Gators lose games.

Just something to consider..

What I’m getting Mike for Christmas…

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Do you think that this would go with my decor in my livingroom??? I think it would be a perfect fit with my neutral tones…:)


It’s still Great to be A Florida Gator

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After a big stinger, last Saturday…I still believe that the Gators can still be National Champions, after all the same thing happened to us last season. What was the result? A BCS Title..

Is it unrealistic to think that this freshman team can pull off a National Championship? I don’t think so..I think it took more faith to believe that Chris Leak could pull off a National Championship.

I am excited about next week against LSU. If we can beat them…we’re right back in the chase, and more importantly…right back into the familiarity of the top five, which the Florida Gators have made their home for the last ten years, not only in football, but in basketball as well.

Win or Lose…I love being a Gator fan. Mike and I were switching back and forth channels watching the Gator game and the USC game. What a difference..the Swamp is deafening, the fans are passionate. That was definitely not happening at the USC game. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a football game before, where you could see more than one fan in the crowds crying over a loss.

Like Tebow said…the Gators will persevere, and we just have to look ahead to next week to have our chance at a different set of Tigers!!!


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