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Last night’s game goes down as one of my favorite nights in the Swamp. I was completely and utterly amazed by the Gator offense. They just kept scoring. It was ridiculous. Tebow makes Chris Leak look like an amateur. I’m so excited about the next three years of Gator football!!!

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If you’re reading this, you guys need to check out Mike Singletary’s blog and watch the John Piper video he has on there. Mike is listed on my links by the way. The video encouraged me so much. One of the things that Piper reitterates in the video is that the “steadfast love of God is better than life.” He also brought up the question, how can I make that true in my own life?

Today, I worked from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and came home feeling pretty discouraged. Tonight, I had a supervised visit with a mom and a baby, and the mom’s parental rights are more than likely going to be terminated on Monday. I was so discouraged and disappointed that this mom had not made more efforts to change her life in order to get her child back. She had a year to complete a case plan and to make things right in her life, and she just didn’t do it. It was sad to see this mom and the set of grandparents get emotional when they had to say goodbye. I almost couldn’t take it. I do believe though that ultimately this is going to be the best thing for the child. In tough situations, such as these, it’s hard to remember that the steadfast love of God is better than life. During my day, I become extremely jaded and numbed to the power and presence of God. I come home empty, with not an ounce left of compassion. I’ve only been doing the job for a few months and I already feel calloused by it.

Hopefully, I can remember that the steadfast love of God is better than life.¬† I need to constantly remember that my life is all about glorifying¬† God and pointing people to God. I need to start viewing people as people and not cases, and more importantly I need to start viewing people as God’s children, no matter how perverted or awful they may seem. It’s hard to remember that I am in the same situation that they are in. I believe the Bible says that good deeds are as filthy rags compared to the glory of Christ. I can do nothing good on my own, and there is certainly no reason for me to feel self-righteous, especially when I view myself in the context of who I am compared to who God is.

Please pray for me…that I can keep perspective on the glory of Christ, and people’s need for Him.

Go Gators Baby!!

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It looks like we’ve got the best offense that we’ve had in a long time. Tim Tebow makes Chris Leak look like an amateur…our defense looks a little suspect, but with Tebow and Percy Harvin working together, I have no doubts about our ability to beat Tennessee. Go Gators!!!tim_tebow.jpg

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