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As you can tell by the title…I’m super excited about College Football starting. This picture is Tony Joiner congratulating another defensive player on a good tackle. Tony Joiner is one of our best defensive players. He’s one of the best strong safety players in College Football. I think he will definitely play a big role in getting us another championship this year.

I’m a little scared since most of our defense graduated or got drafted. They definitely played an extremely important part last year. In fact, they won more than one game for us. I’m hoping our new defensive players will make us just as proud as last year.



A Day in the Life

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little-tag1.gif The work of a case worker is never over.Let me tell you about my day, without breaking confidentiality…this should be interesting.My day started with the alarm going off at 7:30, not so bad. I picked up a kid by 8:30 and took him shopping at Wal-Mart for about three hours. This was kind of a cool experience actually. I’ve never seen so a person so grateful and so excited about getting new pairs of underwear and new outfits for school.After this, me and the kid went to McDonald’s.The child proceeded to buy about ten dollars worth of food, most of which ended up all over the child’s shirt.  After dropping the child off at their foster home, I got a phone call from a Guardian Ad Litem stating that one of my kids was really upset because they didn’t have enough clothes, and because they weren’t able to visit with their siblings. I spent an hour trying to work out some better options for this child.I come back to work after lunch to find that I have three new Adoption cases, and by the way I’m not a qualified adoptions worker.I begin to call the caregivers for the new cases I just received, and suddenly my supervisor walks into the office. He briefly tells me that I have to go to an important meeting for one of my cases. Ten minutes later…meeting cancelled.After this, I plan two home in Jupiter Farms, and the other one in Boca Raton.In short, my day started at 7:30, and I didn’t arrive home until 8:00 pm.I’m not sure if I’m cut out for the Child Welfare System. I’m not a big fan of having an incredibly unpredictable, unplanned out day. I just finished applying for a temporary teaching certificate, and I also applied for two teaching jobs. One of them is for a kindergarten teaching position, and the other is to be a second grade teacher.Right now, I desperately covet your prayers. I feel really stretched physically and emotionally. More importantly, please continue to pray for the kids that are in the child welfare system in Florida, and the kids that are a part of the foster care system in general. Their life is not a fun life to live. Please remember them and pray for them daily. 


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I invite all of you who like babies or kids in general to check out the adoption exchange. I’m really bad at linking things, so I’ll just give you the website. It’s    Palm Beach County has the most amount of kids right now that are still awaiting adoption. Right now, there’s 129 kids who do not have homes.

I believe that the Bible commands us to take care of the orphans and the widows. Mike and I are hoping to adopt at some point, and I encourage all of you to do the same.

Marathon Training Pt. 2

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So, today was the first day I finished six miles. I know what you’re thinking if you’re a runner…you’re a bum. That’s nothing, but I’m pretty excited about it. I have to give most of the credit to my awesome ipod running mix.  Some of the great motivators on the playlist include these great songs:

1) Under Pressure-David Bowie

2) Born in the U.S.A.-Bruce Springsteen

3) Dancing in the Dark-Bruce Springsteen

4) Back in Black-ACDC

5) You Shook Me all Night Long- ACDC

6) Like This-Kelly Rowland and Eve

7) Travis Tritt-It’s A Great Day to be Alive

and of COURSE…

8) Eye of the Tiger-Survivor

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