Marathon Training

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I thought I’d post a picture of my post running face.  I decided about a month ago to train for the Walt Disney World marathon with this girl named Lyndsey Cornell. I think a few of you may have met her before. Basically, the plan is to run at least 15 miles a week before August 27th, and that’s when the real training begins. I’ve been embarassed on more than one occasion for many reasons while running with Lyndsey. A) I  found out that I run a lot slower  than her. B) She can breathe like a normal person while running.

All kidding aside though, Lyndsey’s been a great coach. I feel really excited about doing this marathon and could not have been motivated to do it without her.


OH MY!!!!

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Is it football season yet?? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a huge fan of College Football season. It’s a party every Saturday. You wake up in the morning to the sound of College Gameday at 10 a.m. and everything is right with the world. You go through all the nail biting moments of your team’s game with a group of your friends and family, all the while stuffing your face with chicken wings and nachos. It’s a grand tradition. I long for September…I definitely have no desire to watch baseball any longer. For all of you Gator fans out there, here’s a look at the past to get you excited about the future.


The hilariousness of Graceville evangelists…

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Okay, so I totally stole this from Singletary’s blog, but he is one of my links, so you can check him out at your leisure. I just had to put this on here so that other people that I know can experience the joy and comedy of what people are truly like in Graceville. It’s quite funny.


I hope one day that my kid is as cool as this one..

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Something I can get on board with…

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On most occasions, I tend to think of Michael Moore as a liberal nut job, but I am actually looking forward to seeing his newest movie, “Sicko.” I believe that every American should be entitled to free, quality healthcare. If free health care was a possibility, then maybe I could have had health insurance in college. Our government somewhat wants to see us fail financially in so many regards. Most college graduates end their college career about thirty thousand dollars in the hole. During college, we are expected to get good grades, participate in extra curricular activities, and internships, which only leaves most of us enough time to work in a part-time job. Obviously, part-time jobs do not provide benefits, leaving a good portion of college students with no health care.

After college, you think that you might be better off, since now you can participate in the workforce and can get a salary paying job. After  looking over your company’s benefit plan, you realize that you are paying out two to three hundred dollars for health care….a month. This leaves most people with not enough money to pay off their student loans…and other bills. This means that you are now getting a second or third job. This leads to physical and mental wear and tear on the body, sending us more and more frequently to the doctor. Money continues to leave our pockets and into the pockets of men who are driving Bentley’s and Mercedes Benz. Does that seem fair to you?

Anyways, I’ve said enough. Here’s the trailer.

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