The difference between Graceville and West Palm (continued)

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This weekend I had a really fun visit with my friend from Graceville. While we were hanging out, we started talking about Graceville, and I have to admit that I kind of miss it. Here are some of the reasons why…


1) The ladies at the Wachovia in Graceville knew my name and gave me a lollipop when I left.

2) When I go to the Wachovia in West Palm, I get no greeting. Instead, I walk up to the bulletproof window to deposit my check….and by the way, there are no lollipops.


1) In Graceville, there is no traffic. It’s just one large circle. Also, when you drive around in Graceville, you always get a courteous index finger wave…which means “Howdy, partner.”

2) In West Palm, there is tons of traffic and people that want to end my life. Instead of getting a courteous index finger, I get the middle finger…which means ” Get out of my way, asshole.”

Sense of Security

1) In Graceville, Mike and I never locked our doors….well, except for when we left town.

2) In West Palm, I lock my door even when I am inside with thirty police officers…well, maybe not that extreme.

Cost of Living

1) In Graceville, everything was seemingly dirt cheap. Gas, electricity, groceries, etc.

2) In West Palm, everything doubles. I once went to a Heat game and paid five dollars for a bottle of water.

Okay I’m done venting. Overall, I have to say that I am enjoying my time here with my family and friends.  It seems like the grass is always greener on the other side. When I was in Graceville, I couldn’t wait to get home. Now that I’m home, all I want is to be back in college with minimal responsibility. I guess contentment is truly found in Christ alone.


Inspired by Andrew…and maybe just a little Mike

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So, in light of Mike’s amazing video…I thought I would post my own.

Could it be True???

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So, this morning before work…I check my myspace as I usually do, to find that one of my faithful Gator friends had left me a comment. His comment was as follows “Billy’s coming back to Titletown!!” I thought surely that this was a rumor. Then, I looked on Gator country and read the article about Billy D having a change of heart. I guess he finally realized that Gainesville is the greatest place on earth. I’m trying not to be  too hasty in my exuberation though. Donovan still has to be released from his contract that he signed with the Orlando Magic. Word is, that the Magic might be looking to fill the coaching position with Stan Van Gundy. I’m so excited!! It’s great to be a Florida Gator.


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I remember watching, at the end of last season, the announcement that the top four juniors were all leaving for the NBA. This was extremely heartbreaking. I remember being on the phone with little Matt Brunjes, and telling him that I was crying…Yes, I know, I’m pathetic. But this is way worse…at least with players leaving, you kind of expect it. I still had some lingering hope that the genius of Billy Donovan would carry us through a rebuilding season to victory again one day. Now that hope is quickly diminishing…

No more furrowed widow’s peak. No more intensity. No more of the genius that we all know and fondly remember as Billy Donovan. Although, I am sad, I can’t be angry. He brought the Gator Nation to its feet about a different sport other than football. He actually gave the Gators a chance to actually become a decent basketball program. And last but certainly not least…he brought us two consecutive National Championships. For this, I will never forget Billy Donovan…and Yes, I will stay name my next dog after him.

Oh well, I guess it’s time for football…Hopefully, Urban won’t decide to go to the NFL next week.

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