My first day at Work

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This morning I woke up with major butterflies in my stomach. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous in my entire life. I was definitely way more nervous today than I was on my wedding day, or any other day for that matter.

Today was so different, because today I started my first full-time position in an actual career type job. The job I had prior to this involved washing dishes and running a food line. This job, needless to say, is a major step up.

I guess the reason why I was so nervous today was because I’ve always kind of viewed myself as a little kid who never really grew up. Responsibility definitely intimidates me. I’m the ultimate definition of a flake. I constantly lose and misplace things, and I was and still am very intimidated by the fact that I will be dealing with tons of information, files, and most importantly the safety of vulnerable children.

Today, more than ever, I realized that God is my portion. I realized that I would never be able to get through this day or any other day without complete reliance on Him. Independence is overrated. After this realization, and a really sweet text message from Lyndsey, I felt prepared and confident to face the day.



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So, since we left Graceville…life has been a whirlwind. I knew West Palm was a fast paced place, but I guess I wasn’t prepared. Mike and I haven’t really stopped since Friday. Here’s the chronology of our last couple days…

Friday- we leave at 9 in the morning to get Phyllis her shot and to set out on the road. We arrive in West Palm at 7 o’clock at night.

Saturday-We emptied all of our boxes into our apartment, but we’re not allowed to live in our apartment. After this, we immediately headed down to Ft. Lauderdale for a memorial service for Mike’s grandmother.

Sunday-We picked out furniture after church for our ENTIRE apartment. This is a daunting task, but also kind of fun.

Also, so far this weekend we have slept at about three different places. Thanks to the Brunjes, Arnones, and the Cornells. I was so confused last night about what we were doing that I didn’t even know where I was supposed to go home to.

Anyways, I’m off now to get a drug screening for my new job that starts next week. I’m really excited, but also extremely nervous.

Mike and I appreciate your prayers as we try to adjust from two totally contrasting lifestyles.

Fine Wine

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Last Sunday, in the midst of a great deal of stress, grief, and sorrow…Mike managed to preach one of the best messages I have ever heard him deliver. It was about what things were truly valuable. Mike made mention of a field trip that he took one time to the Peace River as a kid. He talked about the sifting process that they did….how they drew their bucket in the bottom of the river, digging up sand, to see what valuable treasures they could find. Mike talked about how you may find one thing of value among the heap of dirt and junk. He paralleled this to the value of knowing Christ, in comparison to the rest of the junk that life entails.

Mike’s sermon reminded me of something that I heard from Matt Chandler’s podcast. Chandler talked about Ecclesiastes and how Solomon referred to life as being meaningless. The only meaningful thing in life that was worth anything was deepening your understanding of a Glorious Savior. Chandler also talked about how life is meant to be enjoyed. I think that this is easily forgotten in our culture’s current pace of lifestyle. Chandler referred to the enjoyment of life as something to be experienced like a fine meal accompanied by the finest wine. Life is meant to be spent with people you love, talking about how good God is. Relationships are meant to be valued…not exploited or taken for granted. They are treasured, choice possessions. Solomon gives us warning to not have a drive-thru style relationship with our friends and family, and certainly not with Him.

I was so blessed to be reminded of this by my own husband, who I often take for granted. His relationship and companionship is something of great value that is a constant reminder to me of how glorious God is. I am so thankful for a God that draws me back to the things that truly matter.


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As some of you may know, from reading Mike’s blog…I had an interview last Monday in West Palm Beach, at the Children’s Home Society. The lady from Human Resources called me today and told me that they wanted “me on board.” I am unbelievably excited. This is my first adult job with a salary and insurance. I can’t wait to wear business suits and put important things on my palm pilot.

This is truly such a blessing from the Lord. I totally did not expect to find a job in my field this early. I thought for sure, that I was going to end up at Starbucks. I am so unbelievably blessed!!! Praise the Lord!!

Oh and P.S…..Thank you Lindsey for giving me a nice reference!

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