The Best Day of My Life!!!

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This was my favorite Gator moment of all time. I mean, if this doesn’t make you want to be a Gator fan…than you’re just dead inside. By the way, in case you didn’t know…this was the blocked field goal to beat South Carolina with a winning score of 17 to 16.



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So, last night I was looking at people’s myspace’s and I came across this incredible song called “Orphan Girl.” The song was about this girl who obviously had no family…and it went on to describe how she had no Father, mother, brother, or sister. In short, the song was about how God becomes all of those things for us even when we don’t have an earthly family. The song painted a beautiful picture of the “orphan girl” sitting at the banquet table in Heaven with her new Mother, brother, sister, and Father.

It was really odd that I came upon this song last night, because we had just come home from church late, talking to one of our youth group kids about this very thing. One of our youth group kids is a step-child in a family that he really doesn’t fit in with. They don’t accept him as their own. This is similar to a lot of the situations that our other youth group kids are in.

One of our kids in particular has a really bad relationship with his step-father; he has been told not to speak to his step-father, and to basically go to his room when he comes home and to not bother anyone. Last night, he finally broke down and shared his feelings about the constant humiliation he goes through on a daily basis.

Even though, the situation he is in right now is awful, I hope that this kid realizes that he has a family that awaits him in Heaven, and has the love of a Father that is unconditional.

P.S. The song is by Over the Rhine…check it out.

Sin is Serious

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1st Thessalonians 4:7-8 says, “For God did not call us to uncleanness, but in holiness. Therefore, he who rejects this does not reject man, but God, who has also given us His Holy Spirit.”

Lately, I’ve been realizing that I am extremely apathetic towards sin. I participate in sin and approve of other people’s sin, basically laughing at God’s grace. I do not know what makes me do that. I guess it’s what Paul says about doing the things you do not want to do, and not doing the things you do want to do. I realize that I have been bought with a price from an extremely loving and gracious God, but sometimes all I can see are those attributes. I do not also see the glory and the holiness of God. I do not see His perfection and strive for it. I am complacent in the loving, restful arms of God.

I was reading someone else’s blog the other day about whether or not smoking was wrong. I agree with his stance that smoking is basically on the same playing field as over-eating, cursing, gossiping, etc. But does that mean we should still approve of it? I’m not sure. I think if we realize that all of those things are sin, we shouldn’t just say, oh well…those are things that people will never stop doing. I think we should strive to remove all of those sins in our life, through the help of the Holy Spirit. The Christian life is not about giving up and submitting to our fleshly desires. It’s about constantly growing in what the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do. If you are twenty pounds overweight, and you know it’s wrong, you should lose the weight. If you’re a chain smoker, you should quit.

I think that freedom from sin is the ultimate freedom in Christ. Before Christ, all we were able to do was sin. We were not able to do anything that pleased God. Now, we have a unique opportunity to grow in the grace of the Lord. He has given us the ability, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be imitators of Christ. I think that this is something that we should strive for. The constant, daily participation in sin is self-defeating. If we do not let the Holy Spirit work in our lives, we are not able to see a special work in our lives that God wants to complete…the revelation of His perfect glory.

In Case You Forgot….

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The Florida Gators are the 2006, 2007 NCAA National Champions!!!! Here’s a video reminder, lest we forget…..

How Phyllis is Ruining my Life (Part 2)

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It’s Day 10 with Phyllis in the Brunjes’ household, and things have suddenly taken a turn for the worse. We thought things would be great. We love our new dog. Days 1 through 9 were great. It was part of the honeymoon stage that everyone has with their new dog. We took her to the park, she chased us around, we played, bought her nice stuff, and then today, reality set in. Today was the first trip to the Veterinarian for Phyllis. As most dog owners know, the first time you take your dog to the vet is one of the worst days. Mike and I thought this would be a seemingly easy trip, because we had a free voucher for the dog to be spayed. But somehow, Mike walked in with the voucher, and left with a three hundred dollar bill.

How did we acquire such a large fee you may ask? Well, everyone, Phyllis, has….brace yourself for this…..HEART WORMS!!! Apparently, this is a very easy thing to treat. All Phyllis has to do is get two injections, and try to stay calm for thirty days. But this was not such an easy thing for Poor Mikey to deal with. I’ve never seen Mike so grieved before, as he was about sweet old Phyllis. Mike mentioned that he was feeling very bummed out about this…and maybe even depressed. Mike told me that I should mention Phyllis in my prayers today, as he stared at me with his own puppy dog eyes.

Then, suddenly, grief turned into anger…not for Mikey, but for me. That is when Mike told me how much it was going to cost for Phyllis to be treated. I begrudgingly told him to go ahead with the treatments, so that Phyllis wouldn’t die. But… In all seriousness, I hope that Phyllis will make it through this very trying ordeal in her little doggy life. I hope that she can come home soon, and continue to sit on her lazy butt all day in our house.

P.S. Please remember not only Phyllis in your prayers today, but also for Mike, and his impending depression…

Woo-Hoo for Softball!!

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The above pictures are pictures of our youth group in Noma at our first softball game. I’m really excited about softball because it’s a time where our youth group seems to grow the most. Our kids show up more frequently to church, (because they have to, to play softball), and we get to spend more time with them and get to be more involved in their day to day lives.

Leaving our youth group kids is probably going to be the thing I miss most about Graceville. Mike and I have been so lucky to be at such a great church. Everyone at Noma has been like a second family to us. We have no typical, small church horror stories or battle wounds. We’re just leaving excited and encouraged for what God has ahead of us. Noma has been a great place to minister at, because our situation has been so unique. The kids we minister to come from poor, single-parent homes and have never really been over-exposed to church culture. A lot of our kids are never prompted to go to church at all by their parents. It’s amazing how absent some of our parents are in their kids lives. This leaves us the responsibility of not only their spiritual lives, but also some of the responsibilities of parenting. We have to ask them about school, make sure they’re doing their homework, and not getting into trouble.

I hope that when we move to West Palm, we will be blessed enough as we have been at Noma. We have been so blessed to work with amazing people that really love and invest in our youth group. I hope that luck follows us south.

I Love It!

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So, this was on Boyd’s blog, but I had to put this video on here, because I absolutely love it. It encompasses all the greatness of being a Gator. Thank you Boyd for bringing this into my life.

Mixed Emotions

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Gator Boys will be missed

As I was reading this article, I could definitely relate to the same sentiments that this little girl felt. Even though, I was incredibly excited that we won yet another National Championship; I was also bummed out because I knew that we probably wouldn’t win one next year.

Ever since, I became a gator fan in 2003, my life has never been the same since. I remember when Mike and I were still dating, and I went to my first Gator football game. It was so exhilarating to be in the Swamp for the first time… the crisp, cool air, 90,000 screaming fans, and watching Chris Leak throw his first completion. At that moment, I knew I was sold.

In the four years that I’ve been a Gator fan, I’ve been pretty spoiled. We had one terrible, football season…and then between basketball and football, we now have three National Championships under our belt. I don’t think I can ever go back to the days of watching Zooker call a bubble screen..and having a semi-mediocre season. Is it wrong to want National Championships every year? Winning is so much fun…and I guess I just don’t wanna see the good times end.

Anyways, I look forward to what the future holds for the Gators, and I definitely can’t wait to see what this guy does.


Oh Phyllis….

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So, this is the new addition to the Brunjes Family…Phyllis. Clearly, her name was inspired by Phyllis on the office. The main things that make up Phyllis’ personality are two-fold: eating and sleeping. This is very commonplace in the Brunjes household, so we thought she would make a good fit.

Phyllis is already testing my patience. She has taken over my couch, my marriage (I’m pretty sure Mike likes her better than me), and has already messed up my car. After playing at the park, Mike left her in the car with the car still running. After about ten minutes, Phyllis found out how to work the gear shifts…and the car rolled right into Brian and Melodye’s house. Luckily, there were only a few minor scratches….

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